“3 Miền” – The best chosen brand in rural market of Vietnam


On 29th June, 2016, Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam gave “Most chosen brands Vietnam 2016” title to “3 Mien” brand representative - UNIBEN company with the presence of some journalists.

FMCG market saw an impressive “upstream” growth of UNIBEN (3 Mien brand) in 2015 and recent years, especially in rural areas. Reeva and 3 Mien products of UNIBEN are chosen by over 50% of households, which help UNIBEN become one of three Vietnam’s biggest instant noodles producers; UNIBEN now stays at the 8th place among Top 10 Vietnamese most-chosen FMCG producers (according to Kantar Worldpanel June 2016).  

Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang, Business Development Manager - Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam said, “With lots of consumers, the rural area is a big concern to FMCG brands with a higher growth rate than that in the urban one in 2015. More and more Vietnam’s big brands are chosen here, contributing to the growth of most dynamic brands in the FMCG (remarkably milk, beverage, packed food etc.).

In seminar “Seeking for growth opportunities” held in HCMC in November, 2015 by Kantar (the parent company of Kantar Worldpanel, TNS, Millward Brown, Kantar Media in Vietnam), the latest report on FMCG market of Kantar Worldpanel showed that Vietnamese brands with fastest growth speed in 2015 include “3 Mien”, “Fami”, “TH True Milk” in which “3 Mien” brand attracted 1.5 million more households in the rural area (plus 10 points % penetration), staying among top most-attracted brands in the rural area in 2015. Hence, “3 Mien” brand achieved the most impressive growth rate in sales revenue (instant noodles: up 22%, fish sauce: up 100 and broth mix nearly up 300%). Factors for such success include efforts to maintain product quality, competitive price and good performance in social responsibilities and PR activities of 3 Mien brand.”

UNIBEN representative shared more reasons apart from factors listed by Kantar World Panel such as uninterrupted creativeness, food safety guarantee, competitive price, attractive advertising and promotion, professional and large-scaled distribution system etc. Real reasons are business philosophy, management viewpoint and human factor. Business philosophy: Offer consumers the best balance between desirable quality and affordable price (best price). Management viewpoint: Human resource is a decisive factor for the success. UNIBEN always focuses on human factor and becomes the top choice of laborers by creating a good environment with lots of professional skill training programs, studying opportunities, career and talent development chances, adequate salary and good benefits. UNIBEN environment really helps laborers grow, prove their ability and succeed in their career. It’s not a new thing but really executed with a secret. Human is a decisive factor after the so-called success of UNIBEN. UNIBEN tries to become the most popular workplace by creating a good and transparent environment, highly appreciating team-working, respecting the difference, with best working conditions, adequate salary and good benefits. Through practical projects with the attendance of specialists and prestigious international consultant agencies, we help employees experience and improve professional knowledge and develop their talent.

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoang, representative of Kantar Worldpanel gave “Most-chosen brands Vietnam 2016” title to UNIBEN representative.

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