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  • Which products does UNIBEN have?

    Thanks for your concern. UNIBEN is now bringing customers various kinds of products such as instant noodles, rice vermicelli, vermicelli, noodle soup, fish sauce, and broth mix.

  • Is Reeva or 3 Mien instant noodles more delicious?

    At present, we have two main brands for domestic demand and export, namely: Reeva and 3 Mien. 3 Mien instant noodles have different flavors based on traditional dishes, which have been carefully selected from the most typical characteristics of dainty morsels across three regions. Some flavors of 3 Mien instant noodles include: noodle beef vegetable stew, spicy noodle, lobster noodle, Banyan leaf vegetarian instant noodle etc. Reeva instant noodles with strange, attractive, and good taste are added with 100% real vegetables, and tubers. Some favorite flavors of Reeva noodles include spicy mushroom noodles (for both meat-eaters and vegetarians), beef stew-sour vegetables, pork chop stew-bamboo sprout etc.

  • Where should I find shelf-life of instant noodles?

    We always specify the information about production date and shelf-life on the product package. Please read the information on the packing carefully before buying the product.

  • Does 3 Mien broth mix have anything special?

    3 Mien broth mix ensures a Vietnamese moreish taste in your dishes. At present, only 3 Mien broth mix has added iodine to meet Vietnamese nutritious needs, which helps strengthen your relatives’ health.

  • Is 3 Mien fish sauce for dipping or cooking?

    Made from anchovy extract, 3 Mien fish sauce is very convenient for housewives when seasoning, automatizing, frying etc. to ensure a Vietnamese moreish taste in your dishes. 3 Mien fish sauce bottle has a creative design to please housewives. Thanks to its user-friendly cap and star-shaped handle which help facilitate pouring and prevent spilling in use, making amount determination easy and prevents excessive seasoning. The waist design on the bottle makes housewives find it easy to carry and operate when cooking.

  • While doctors always recommend iodine use, do I face iodine deficiency if I just use broth mix in cooking?

    According to nutritionists’ recommendations, Vietnamese meals do not bring sufficient iodine to the body. If you use broth mix instead of iodine salt when seasoning, you have to supplement iodine to ensure the sufficient amount. Only 3 Mien broth mix has added iodine to meet Vietnamese nutritious needs, which helps your relatives’ health. 3 Mien broth mix ensures a Vietnamese moreish taste in your dishes.

  • It is said that instant noodles are not good due to lots of trans fat & cholesterol, isn’t it?

    For more objective, we would like to quote an answer from an article posted on Tuoi Tre Newspaper dated on 11th December, 2015: According to research results of Japanese Food Safety Commission, trans fat content in instant noodles is 0.13g/100g, which is lower than that in beef (0.52g/100), cheese (0.83g/100g), chocolate (0.15g/100g). Besides, pursuant to FDA – USA (CFR 21 - Revised as of April 1, 2014), in case trans fat content is <0.5%, it is allowed to specify 0g on packing. Meanwhile, Vietnam has not yet have clear regulations but tends to follow the official dispatch issued by the Ministry of Health, i.e. Trans Fat (or trans-unsaturated fatty acids made from oil hydrogenation) is not a risk controlled on national administration basis. Similarly, Cholesterol content in one pack of instant noodles is not discovered in analysis. Therefore, it can’t be said that instant noodles increase Cholesterol content in blood. Moreover, pursuant to FDA – USA (CFR 21 - Revised as of April 1, 2014), in case trans fat content is <0.5%, it is allowed to specify 0g on packing. Please find more information on the following link.

  • It is said that excessive instant noodles are not good for health, isn’t it?

    Any kind of food, even meat, fish, or vegetables (not just instant noodles), may cause nutrition imbalance with frequent use. Consumers should diversify daily meals to prevent nutrition imbalance and create a good habit in eating and drinking.

  • We should have instant noodles with vegetables, shouldn’t we?

    According to nutritionists, we should diversify our daily meals to ensure nutrition balance. Everybody knows that vegetables in meals will be good for health. For convenient use, we produce different kinds of instant noodles with available packs of 100% real vegetables and tubers such as Reeva beef stew-sour vegetables, spicy mushroom noodle soup, pork chop stew-bamboo sprout etc.

  • By reading newspapers, I know that 3 M is the No.1 brand in Vietnam. Who verifies such information?

    According to report quarter 2/2016 issued by the world’s leading market research agency Kantar Worldpanel, “3 Mien” instant noodle product is the most-purchased brand for the past year, from last September till now, in rural area, with 26% of consumed packs of instant noodles, 4% higher than the brand in next position, accounting for 22% of sales revenue. Strongly and sustainably growing from 2015 till now, “3 Mien” is still keeping on its amazing growth speed at 22% in quantity and 16% in value, staying among fastest-growing brands in rural areas and most-chosen products.

  • May I visit UNIBEN company?

    Thanks for your concern. We are willing to welcome you to our company. However, such visits depend on our production schedule and factory’s business at a convenient time. Please email to and leave a message and we will contact you for an appropriate program.

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