Collecting the porcelain bowl set when buying Reeva 3 Mien Seasoning


With ingredients extracted from meat and bone stew, “3 Mien” seasoning is the only seasoning product that contain iodine in order to be appropriate for nutritional needs of the Vietnamese. Therefore, “3 Mien” seasoning can bring the speciality favor of Vietnam dishes, but also meet the preventive standards that keep your family healthy.


In each package has two “3 Mien” seasoning products, we would like to give you one gift respectively: with the couple packs of 200gr, there will include one premium porcelain rice bowl; one premium porcelain bowl for the duo 400gr packs. The promotion will apply for all nationwide Vietnam and stop 12.31.2016.

Be quick to get full set of porcelain bowls collection, premium gifts from "3 Region" seasoning.

Hai Yen