3 Mien Vegetarian instant noodles adds one more pack in each noodles


To celebrate Vu Lan festivity in this year, 3 Mien La Da Vegetarian has been continuing the promotion "get 1 free pack in each noodles box", and also has discount-price to support for volunteering donators, or consumers are willing to purchase in a large quantity. With the belief "There’s no gift more precious than the caring", we would like to share these concerns with the volunteering donators about pricing or transport in this peak time for Vu Lan. Contact us via the hotline 18006877 for more information.

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Having delight vegetarian meal, get the pure happiness from the heart

Vegetarian routine have been formed for a long time in Vietnam culinary culture. Apart from emotional intention, it also brings enormous health benefits in order to be more favorite. Especially on this occasion of the Vu Lan, vegetating also has beautiful meaning as an expression of reverence, toward to parents, to pray parents have long-living and peaceful soul and body.

Recently in this modern society, the main concern of vegetarians is that the variety of food and its convenience. As consequence, besides the traditional dishes prepared from vegetable in general, vegetarian noodles food has gradually become well-known because it’s not only focusing the vegan favor and sanitary requirements for food safety, vegetarian noodles also meet the utility, completely consistent with today’s modern living vibe.

With the desire to be side by side the vegetarian culture of Vietnamese as well as appreciate the tradition of ethnic cuisine, 3 Mien La Da vegetarian instant noodle brand was born and became one of the best choices for Vietnam Vegetarian cuisine .

3 Mien La Da vegetarian instant noodle is loved and trusted by delicious taste and light aftertaste, which is suitable to Vietnamese vegetarian preference. If you are a long-term vegan, or just being on vegetarian diet for several special occasions such as Vu Lan festivity, it can be seen that in the preparation at home, or in offices, having one 3 Mien La Da vegetarian noodles in bag will be a right choice to enjoy and avoid meal-skipping. Moreover, in each package contains 3 Vegetarian seasoning packet, with the taste of fresh vegetables, to increase the flavor of pure light and delicious meal.

Leaf Vegetarian Noodles 3 Mien Most materials use 100% "vegan" from mushrooms and vegetables, pure taste that the secret lies in the 3 pack of spices in each packets of noodles. Delicious pasta, chewy soft, smooth medium yellow eyes, just start your broth combined with light bars create delicious vegetarian cuisine, exquisite choice for vegetarians Vietnam.

Especially, 3 Mien La Da vegetarian was produced under a modern close process, which use separate manufacturing lines with other conventional noodle products. On each package, there is a clear and full list of detailed product ingredients, to bring the pleasure and satisfaction for consumers when they can be sure that this product is a good vegetarian choice, delicious as well as nutritious, pure light taste to decide and have long-term commitment.

There’s no gift more precious than the caring

In Vietnamese conception, whenever giving or donating gifts for charity, at least one of us must have wanted want to give the best delicious one to the receivers in this Vu Lan celebration. Normally each box of 3 Mien La Da vegetarian contains 30 packs, now has included two more packs (in carton box) with same price; respectively with to 100 packages per box will be given 6 packages. In the desire to become a best companion with Vietnamese vegetarian culture as well as honor the nation culinary tradition, 3 Mien  is aim to increase more and more delicious meals for Vietnamese consumers.